Our Approach

Let’s start at the beginning

Every project is unique, but they all start with one thing in common. We want to know everything: where you started, where you want to go next., what you value, and while we’re at it, how you like your coffee.

Our process is a bit different than most. We sit down and really dissect your company. The good, bad, ugly, and great. We really analyze who your customers are and what you want your customers to feel, think, smell and expect from your business.

88HUE began as a digital shop, and that passion for design and technology continues to define us today. We believe that the best interactive experiences come from the sweet harmony of smart design thinking and innovative use of technology.

Our founder spent a long time practicing large business techniques. 88hue was created to allow the same extension to small and non-profit businesses. From strategy through execution, we help small organizations become large while uncovering their secret sauce and telling their stories consistently and compellingly.

At 88HUE we're engrained to think like the consumer, because we are the consumers.

Our Advantage

We’re Awesome, FORREAL

Millennials are the experiences generation.

– Julia Hartz


Between Millennials, Gen Z, and Generation Alpha the big guys are confused. They have no idea how to speak to the future, and it shows. 88HUE is the future. Plain and simple that’s our competitive edge. Founded by millennials working side by side with Gen Z, and preparing to teach the Alphas, 88HUE is comprised of seekers that create awareness, engage differently, inspire change, inform globally, and ultimately empower their own to contribute to a common ideal. At 88HUE it’s already engrained to think like the consumer. Because we are the consumers.